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Was able to get a quick, same day appointment. Iwona was amazing, & very knowledgeable. I felt 100% confident & comfortable, which is huge when you’re clueless & not from the area. I immediately knew I picked a top notch injector & a top notch facility from the moment I walked in the door. i Love my results, & can’t wait to come back!! Such an amazing place. Will never go anywhere else, I will make the 2hour drive everytime to here! Everything!!!! Beautiful lips, & smooth forehead. Sw11Clinic,


I definitely look better and younger after botox treatment. Dr Meggie is absolutely amazing.


I did botox. I can see good results. Didn’t hurt at all and I think it looks really natural. SW11 is professional and friendly clinic and doctor made me feel comfortable even though i have a fear of needles. I do not remember her name – she has ginger hair.


Botox was great solution for my wrinkles. Have started using it about 3 years ago. After 2 years i found even better choice and tried Hyaluronic acid application. My friend had suggested clinic in sw11 clapham


Botox rocks!! I have a few horizontal lines on my forehead. I’ve had them since I was young, but as I’m getting older they were getting more prominent. I’ve always been annoyed by them and decided to finally give in to Botox. Wow – what a difference! Only thing I regret is not doing it sooner lol. I had zero side effects and pain level was low. Love it.


I absolutely love Botox. Best investment for for your face. People need to remember, Botox is a preventative not a solution. If people already have deep lines, the best way is a face lift. The more you get the less you need in the future. This should be done ideally every 4 months but you can stretch it to 6 months.


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